The National Football League is gearing up to blow into the Bold North in a few weeks as Super Bowl LII takes place at U.S. Bank Stadium. But do you know what we had to give up to get the Big Game here in Minnesota?


It's no surprise the NFL wields the mighty privilege of hosting the Super Bowl to leverage a ton of things in return. It's the most-watched sports event in the world, after all, so the promotion machine that is the NFL ain't gonna let it go for cheap.

Heck, they don't even pay the halftime performers, for crying out loud, so it's no surprise you're going to have to offer up some bigtime economic 'incentives' to get the right to host the Big Game.

FOX-9 in Minneapolis compiled a list of just a few of things the NFL demands that Super Bowl host cities provide. Take a look:

+ All the revenue from Super Bowl ticket sales including all suites, as well as exclusive access to all club level seats.

+ The right to install ATMs that accept league-preferred credit and debit cards and temporarily remove those that don't.

+ 35,000 free parking spaces within a mile of the stadium on game day for fans, staff and employees.

+ Free access to three golf courses in the months leading up to the game, two bowling venues for an NFL celebrity bowling event, 20 billboards near the stadium, team hotels and practice facilities to welcome players and fans to the event.

+ Since the Super Bowl is being played in Minnesota, the NFL says the game should get priority over all other ice and snow removal projects, in case there's a major snowstorm.

And those were just SOME of the requests. The story said the entire document was 153 pages long! It also noted, though, that the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee said not all the demands were met. And, it also said the committee would cover the extra costs of holding the event--not the city of Minneapolis or the state of Minnesota.

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