Have you noticed a particular haziness across southeast Minnesota lately? It's not just in your head-- things HAVE been hazier than usual. Here's why.

We're smack-dab in the middle of summer, so it's not the upcoming fall season that has things a little hazy in Minnesota lately (though it's going to feel a lot like fall on Thursday, but that's another story.)

If you've noticed a little haze lately, especially during our Minnesota sunsets lately (which, given the incredible July weather we've been having lately, have been nearly perfect), it's actually all thanks to wildfires that are burning in parts of Canada.

Smoke from those fires northwest of us here in Minnesota gets lifted up into the jet stream, which then carries it across the country and then gives us some particularly hazy skies at times.

And, it's not just during sunset that you might have noticed a little haze here in our neck of the woods. KTTC Chief Meterologist Matt Benz noted last night that some of that Canadian wildfire smoke (which almost sounds like the name of a craft beer IPA, doesn't it?!?) being picked up on their weather satellite, and on their sky cam too.

The smoke here this time isn't intense enough for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to issue any air-quality advisories like they did last year when smoke from wildfires both in Canada and in portions of the west here in the U.S. affected our air, but you if you notice any haze or smoky conditions, now you know why.

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