We got word that nationally-known documentary filmmaker Ken Burns was doing a film about our own Mayo Clinic. But now it looks like the film's release is being pushed back.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Which means, of course, that you might spot Mr. Burns out and about filming some scenes or interviews for his new film here in the Med City. Burns' documentary is now apparently going to make its debut on PBS sometime "late next year," this Star-Tribune story says.

What's causing the delay? Well, according to the story, Burns says he's “Way more involved than I’d thought I’d be,” and calls Mayo’s story amazing. (In fact, he went on to say that Mayo Clinic is "one of the most amazing medical places on earth.")

I'd agree. Being the history buff that I am, I've been making an effort to browse through the many historical pictures and exhibits that are on display throughout Mayo's campus downtown.

Like that incredible picture in the Gonda Building of both Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie riding with President Franklin D. Roosevelt when he visited Rochester back in 1934-- I love it!

The Mayo story IS amazing. And, the groundbreaking, world-class medical breakthroughs that are being done right here in our backyard continue to amaze me.

So I'm looking forward to seeing the Ken Burns take on the Mayo story-- even if it's somewhat delayed. (Insert your own "Hold the Mayo" joke here...)

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