Celebrating the holidays with a big meal or special food?  The last thing you want is to get sick - that's no fun at all.  In order to keep your holiday meals safe - and delicious - the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) always issues a food safety bulletin prior to the holiday season that is filled with good cooking practices for your kitchen.

As a foodie, what always amazes me in regards to these so-called "food safety tips for the holidays" is that they really should apply all year long. Don't get me wrong - I understand where the CDC is coming from; the holiday season finds many people in kitchens cooking when they normally wouldn't.  In these cases, a good primer isn't a bad idea.

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My suggestion - ready on for good tips to keep your food (and you!) safe this holiday season.  But really, take these tips to heart and then follow through on them throughout the rest of the year, too.

Holiday Food Safety Tips

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