It's seriously the dumbest reason.


Have you ever done something so stupid, that you're completely amazed as to how stupid it really is? That was me on the morning of May 26th, 2016. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in commemorating the first anniversary of this event. I fell in the shower, and broke my first bone ever.

It was early, and I was getting ready to go to work. I still lived in Peru, Illinois at the time and my shift required a 3:30AM wakeup call. I did what I've done pretty much EVERY SINGLE MORNING OF MY LIFE.... you know, I simply wanted to take a shower. It's something we all do, and something I've done literally thousands of time before... but on this particular morning things went crazy.

To explain: in the shower, I like to wash my hair first. This means, for the most part ,the back of my head is facing the "spicket" (Pittsburgh term)... or faucet. I made the mistake of putting the appropriate foot in first after turning on the water, and COMPLETELY biffed it.

My lone inserted foot slipped, and the rest is history. My face smacked the opposite wall instantly in a "one, two" motion. I hit the wall, the beginning of the tub. It hurt, but I didn't realize what I really did to myself. I was just stunned and saw the water turn red. My husband heard my crying and came into the bathroom, he took one look at me and said, "you need to go to the hospital." I had no idea I'd broken my nose yet. I felt the cuts on the head first.

He made a cold compress with ice and towels, and we left for the ER (but me being me, I still had to brush my hair first!). After examination, they told me I broke my first bone... my nose... and that I was lucky it wasn't worse. Check out the progression of healing here!

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