I'm certainly past the days of picking out baby names. What brings this subject up is that I was talking with a lady who years ago had announced she was going to name her son Brian Scott Last Name. A person pointed out that he might be referred to as B.S. Hence this lady said that she then flipped the names around and named her boy Scott Brian. So that's why I was thinking about this subject. Sometimes there isn't much you can do if your first name and your new husband's last name sort of clash. For example I know a Tracy Tracy. I've also met a Hannah Hanna. If you search Facebook, you'll find a gal named Ima Crook. It seems that Crook is her married name.

We've heard of some other examples of unique or strange names that are somewhat blue so I'll disregard those. How about a lawyer named Sue M. Moore? If your last name is Baker would you name your son Stuart David? Think about it. Stu D. Baker. He might grow up to be a car collector. Aaron Tyre would be kind of neat. Richard Edward has a nice ring till you shorten both names to the popular nickname of each. Dick Ed? Nope.

The Milwaukee Bucks had a player named Michael Redd. Should he name his son Charles Newton? C. N. Redd? Got it?

The Packer family might want to think twice about naming their son Rodney. Their little Rodney may find his picture on a post office wall with the name Rod Packer.

A gal named Shirley Irene might want to think twice about marrying a man with the last name Wood.

As for my name? I think with the name Loren I should run for public office. My campaign slogan would be I want to make you forloren/forlorn, so vote for me.

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