Some of you may remember a few years back, I shared an article that I found on Reddit. It was about the things people think are good for them but actually are not. CrossFit was included on that list. I shared the article, and a small opinion: "I can see how CrossFit can be bad for you. Lots of heavy lifting without proper form." One CrossFit owner reached out to me to convince me that the article was false. He urged me to try it, develop my own opinion based on experience. I finally took him up on that offer!

So why am I writing this article? Well, they deserve it! I wasn't wrong in my thinking that you could get hurt, BUT what I've learned is coaches take pride in making people stronger, and their main priority is doing it safely - at least at Detour. I've worked with almost every single coach/instructor there. Yeah they push you, but they also know your limits, see when you are struggling, and ask on the regular how you're feeling. They don't say "ok, do a squat with 100-pound weights in your hands." They make sure you know the proper form, then let you build slowly. Not to mention, they do so much more than just lift weights - every day is something different. It keeps the workout fresh and fun.

In full disclosure, I used to think CrossFit gyms were full of, well, "meatheads." Wrong! Honestly, at Detour, there are more women. Women who care about fitness. Women who want to get stronger. Women who welcome new people with open arms. Obviously, it's not all women, but it was definitely the biggest surprise in my CrossFit journey.

I have never felt stronger, more confident, and more part of something in my life. People joke that CrossFit is "cult-like." You know why that is? Because they/we are a community. I have been to gyms before that felt like a big group of friends, some even more like family, but Detour is so much more than that even. Perhaps it's the phenomenal owner. Maybe it's the stellar coaches. The people that show up every day. Most likely a solid combination of all of the above.

So to answer the question: Is CrossFit good for you? Hell yeah! Do I love it? It's one of the things I look forward to most in my day - Yes, working out! Can you say that?

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