It was a cold winter, which is great news for organizers of Ice Castles. BUT, now that spring is in the air, and the temps are warming up, their season must come to an end. Your last chance to check out the Ice Castles in Stillwater is THIS weekend. They will be open today and tomorrow, and then we wait until their return next winter.

If you do head up for the final day tomorrow, you'll get to meet the Enchanted Frozen Sisters - Elsa and Ana. They will be there from 6p-8:30p. There will also be a fun, fire show both Friday and Saturday night (7-10p). Get your tickets here. As for people that already have tickets, you'll want to use them this year. They do not carry over to next season. Wear your waterproof boots, because it might be a little sloppy. Saturday's high temp is 48 degrees!

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