It's one of my favorite parks in Rochester and it's set to get even better starting later this fall.


I'm talking about Cascade Lake Park and the several improvements the Rochester Parks and Recreation Department has planned for the area. The park is located between Highway-14 (west of Highway-52) and Second Street southwest. And seeing as its only a mile or so from our house, I use the Cascade Lake Bike Trail a lot.

We'd heard last year how the plans for the park garnered a big donation from the Greater Minnesota Parks and Trail Commission. And now, according to this ABC-6 story, those plans finally are finally going to start happening.

Well, latter this fall, that is. The story says that construction of a new parking lots, picnic areas and even a bridge over a nearby creek are all set to happen, starting later this year. The park already features a swimming area and beach (though it's not always open-- yet), and biking and walking trail.

While construction on all these improvements is set to start this fall, thing won't be complete until the spring of 2019, the story noted. And, luckily for me, the park will be open during construction, as well.


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