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A dough-headl in Iowa was so upset he didn't get dipping sauce with his McDonald's Chicken Nuggets he allegedly threatened to blow up the restaurant! And people wonder why employees complain about their service jobs?


Anyway, according to Newsweek, his name is Robert Golzwitzer Jr. and he was at an Ankeny, Iowa, McDonald's on Saturday around 5:20. He realized he was missing the dipping sauce he ordered, and if you watch the security footage, you see he gets out of the car, throws his drinks into the drive-thru window, and then it looks like he's telling the employee to "F-Off."

Security Footage Screen Shot - Click for link.
Security Footage Screen Shot - Click for link.

According to police, when he got home he called the restaurant and threatened to blow up the restaurant and punch an employee.

"Police said a criminal complaint was filed by the restaurant, after which officers successfully contacted Golwitzer using the phone number the threat was called in from. During police interviews, Golwitzer admitted to making the violent statements." (Newsweek)

He was arrested the following day.

A Quick Peak at International McDonald's Locations

McDonald's has locations all over the world...have you ever wondered what they look like? The words might look different, but they're surprisingly similar.

Maybe that's by design. My sister once visited Hong Kong and China and ate one night at McDonald's to see something familiar.

Either way, ta da!

In other Midwest Dough-Heads making bomb-threats news...

Green Bay, WI Bride Cancels Wedding, Allegedly Makes Bomb Threat

On June 18, 2o21, a woman from Green Bay, Wisconsin, threatened to blow up a wedding venue after she cancelled her wedding, but her ex-fiancé held a party at the venue without her.

<> on July 19, 2011 in Oakland, California.
Justin Sullivan

According to police reports, a party was going on at the Vandervest Harley Davidson (in Howard, Wisconsin, just outside Green Bay) and a 32-year-old woman allegedly made a bomb threat on Facebook, "to bomb and shoot up the building."

Apparently, the wedding was called off because the bride-to-be and the groom got into a fight. The now ex-groom and ex-fiancé had paid the money for the fod, drinks, DJ, and venue rental, so he threw a party. Waste not want not, right?

News10 Screen Grab - Link in story
News10 Screen Grab - Link in story

Yes, the venue was in the Harley Davidson building. AN upstairs banquet hall called "The Duck Blind Olde 41."

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And to take a break from crime completely...State Fair Food!

New Foods at the Minnesota State Fair in 2021

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