That's exactly what the Dodge County Sheriff's Office is trying to figure out. Can you provide them with more details?

Late Friday afternoon, the Dodge County Sheriff's Office announced the had received numerous reports of missing dogs. Take a look at the Facebook post below.

Yikes! This person is baiting them with meat!? The poor babies never stood a chance if this is true!

One thing is certain, the Dodge County Sheriff's Office needs your help to catch this clown - and as much information as possible in order to do it. Have you seen this pickup before? Have you seen anyone stalking farms like this in the area?

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office explained their plea further below.

They need three key things here: a better description of the truck, the driver, and a license plate. Those bits of information could be life saving for these pets!

As this is investigated further, it's probably a good idea to keep your pets indoors, or monitor them closely outside - until this guy is caught anyway.

If you have any more information, contact the Dodge County Sheriff's Office at (507) 635-6200.

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