Being a mom is certainly no easy task. In fact, Carrie Underwood couldn't imagine how she'd raise her son Isaiah and still tour. She decided to leave that worry to god, and it paid off. She's now so fulfilled, she may be considered baby number two with husband Mike Fisher.

Carrie told Redbook, "If my husband were at the beginning of his career, I'm not sure we could handle it. Since he's kind of nearing the end and won't be traveling so much, we're like, 'We can figure it out for not that long.' You make it work," and that's exactly what they did.

She just might be hinting that now could be a good time for baby number two!

Until we hear an official announcement though, we'll just keep admiring adorable photos of her family (including her son Isaiah) who can't get cuter. It's seriously impossible.


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