Kohl's has some big plans in store. Several locations will shrink their inventory and they'll rent out that space. Said space will become a gym - Planet Fitness to be exact. According to Fortune, 10 Kohl's locations will add a Planet Fitness this year.

The two companies will not share a front door, but they plan to cross-promote services to their customers. Part of the idea behind sharing the space is that Planet Fitness customers will pop into Kohl’s for workout clothes or gear. Meanwhile, Planet Fitness could benefit from the extra foot traffic of shoppers.

The only information about which locations is "the larger Kohl's" locations. Hmm, do you think that includes Rochester? I feel like our store is pretty massive, and that strip mall is the perfect place to put another gym, isn't it? Regardless of whether or not we are part of this first round, we could see the change in the future. They said if the shared stores work well, they may expand to more locations.

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