The price of living keeps going up, which makes it hard for someone to live on minimum wage. According to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry minimum wage in Minnesota as of 2019 is $9.86. With gas being around $3 a gallon and milk being around $2, $9.86 isn’t a lot to live on.

There has been talk about minimum wage raising across the country. According to KTTC, it looks like the House of Representatives is looking to raise the minimum wage across the country to $15. They also say that this would help out those who make a living off of tips. They too would see a slight increase on their check.

So what does that mean for us? When the House does approve the increase, everyone in Minnesota making minimum wage will get an extra $5.14 an hour added to their check. That also means that some of us who are making more than minimum wage might also see a little pad on our checks as well. There is a whole debate about where this extra money is going to come from, but that's a blog for another day. Hopefully, we will know soon if the minimum wage is actually raised to $15 in Minnesota.

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