This survey did point out some interesting facts.

According to the Internet Indecision Survey conducted by One SEO Company, "67% of Minnesotans primarily use Yelp or Google to find businesses." They also "spend more than 15 minutes searching for new products and services before they decide what to buy." This survey questioned 1,000 Americans on April 11th.

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I'm not one to completely rely on reviews, but sometimes they can be helpful guides.My friends, however, are a completely different story. They will regularly search reviews before purchasing a product or trying a new restaurant. They'll even read them before deciding to see a movie!

So, while I'm seemingly alone in my thoughts, I found it interesting that so many Minnesotans really do make reviews part of their daily life.

Are we "obsessed" with reviews? I don't think that's the right word. I think "interested" in them is more accurate. Apparently, those in Kentucky, Washington, and Lousiana are actually obsessed with reviews because they rounded out the top three in this list.

#1: Kentucky (77%)

#2: Washington (76%)

#3: Louisiana (75%)

#4: Oklahoma (75%)

#5: Oregon (75%)

#6: Pennsylvania (75%)

#7: California (73%)

#8: Texas (71%)

#9: Missouri (70%)

#10: Georgia (68%)

#11: Arkansas (67%)

#12: Maine (67%)

#13: Minnesota (67%)

#14: New Mexico (67%)

#15: North Dakota (67%)

#16: Utah (67%)

#17: West Virginia (67%)

#18: Michigan (66%)

#19: Indiana (64%)

#20: Virginia (64%)

Did you guess which states were review obsessed correctly? Did you see some surprises? Do you read reviews before you purchase a product or think about going out somewhere?

I know one thing: anymore, a bad review is like kryptonite to any business.

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