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If it's seemed like there's been more severe weather in Minnesota so far this year, it's not just your imagination.

Minnesota was home to some wacky unusual weather events last year. From the massive drought that plagued our state last summer to wildfires that raged across northern Minnesota to those severe storms and tornadoes that rolled through the Land of 10,000 Lake, including here in Rochester, last December-- for the first time ever-- 2021 was a weird weather year.

And that trend is continuing here in 2022. In fact, we're currently having the 'most severe year' ever for weather here in the North Star State. That's the word from several trusted weather sources, who've been tracking these things and can definitively say the weather has been wild here in Minnesota so far this year.

Paul Huttner is Chief Meteorologist at MPR, and he wrote last week about just how strange-- and how severe-- our weather really has been so far in 2022. He noted that 2022 has generated a record number of severe weather warnings through the end of May.

And by a fairly substantial margin, as well. Huttner said the National Weather Service office in the Twin Cities (NWS) has issued 228 severe weather warnings so far here in 2022, the most ever. In fact, you have to go back nearly 25 years-- to 1998-- to find the year with the second-most severe weather warnings. And back then, it wasn't even close, with the NWS issuing 'just' 152 severe weather warnings through the end of May in 1998.

The NWS also noted that we've ALREADY booked more severe weather warnings here in 2022 than in several other ENTIRE years, including last year, 2021. 2022 has already also beaten other entire years like 2018, 2015, 2014 and 2013 just to name a few.

Plus, NWS noted that those totals don't include severe weather warnings that were issued over the Memorial Day weekend, when it's believed at least four tornadoes broke out in areas of western Minnesota, near Forada.

Here's hoping we reverse that trend and enjoy more calm weather as we move through the last 6 months of the year! But speaking of severe weather, keep scrolling to check out 11 of the most devastating weather events here in Minnesota.

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