I'll admit it; the idea of "speed-friending" made me uncomfortable at first. However, it seems to be somewhat of a hit!

In case you missed it, Rochester's first "speed-friending" (it's like speed-dating, but you're searching for a friend instead) event was held last night. The Rochester Public Libaray and Forager Brewing Company teamed up to make it happen.

You read that post correctly!

This first event was so popular that a registration process was created to make things go even more smoothly during February's event. Having to register doesn't mean you'll have to pay. It's still free! I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this now, but when I saw the previously mentioned post, I asked myself, "is that really possible?"

In a digital age, are we that disconnected where we have to set up special events to make friends anymore? Or does this simplify that process?

My vote: it means both, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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