That's the big Winona REALLY in Winona, MN or is it just a rumor? Well, I made a few calls, but before I get to that, some backstory. Troy Dunken had the story this morning...

I woke up this morning and noticed a lot of buzz on social media about a commercial being shot in Winona today. Rumors are swirling that Winona Ryder is filming the advertisement and people are speculating that it is a Super Bowl commercial for Ryder Moving Trucks. (read more here)

One of the Tweets...

I've been getting texts and calls all day, so I called the Winona Chamber of Commerce and they said, "Yes, there is a commercial being shot today, but about Winona, we just don't know." They did, tho, give me the number for Ann, someone that's working with the production crew.

So I called Ann. She's from the MSP, her dad's from Chatfield (go Gophers!), and she...can't tell me if Winona is in Winona. She basically did the can't confirm nor deny deal, which kinda makes me think WR is in WMN.

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Or she's not and the crew knows how to keep the excitement going. People have said they saw Winona Ryder, but no pictures have surfaced. Hmmm...

Also, part of the conversation...

Me: Well, if you do run into Winona Ryder, would you give her a message for me?

Ann: Sure. Not that I WILL run into her.

M: No, of course not. This is just in case.

A: Just in case. What's your last name, James?

M: Rabe, R A B E. Rabe, like the dog disease (this is something I say so often I don't even know I'm saying it anymore) 

A: ((laughter))

M: ((so happy someone finally laughed at that joke))

A: What's the message?

M: I'd love to have her get in touch so we could have her on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show tomorrow.

A: IF she's in town.

M: Exactly.

So, maybe I get a call in the studio tomorrow or not? FYI ANN/WINONA - My studio number is 507-292-1053. Feel free to use my cell to text coffee requests. lol

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