It's a billboard promoting one of a local Rochester brewery's beers, but is its message offensive?

You've probably seen the billboard in question along Highway-52 in northwest Rochester. It's for the Grand Rounds Brewing Company's 'Easy A  Minnesota Blonde Ale', and it features the words 'Mark Your Territory' along with the beer's logo, which features a woman kissing a man.

According to this KIMT-TV story, though, one local woman finds that message offensive. The story quotes Katy Lee, a local pastor saying,  "I just saw the image of this woman who looked like she was leaning back and sort of in a position of kind of weakness, um, with a man kissing her and sort of all the #metoo words kind of stuck in my head and just made me feel like this was not right," Lee said in the story.

Meanwhile, though, Tessa Leung, CEO of Grand Rounds Brewing, explains that the name of the beer is a reference to two of her favorite movies, and is that the name and artwork are meant to be empowering, the story said. (You can read the full story behind the name and see the artwork on the beer label and billboard here.)

So, what do you think? Are you offended by the billboard? Or is this just ANOTHER ridiculous way someone is saying they're offended-- in this age where someone always seems to be offended by something? (That would be my view. I mean, come on, man-- it's a billboard that's advertising the name of a beer!  Of course, I'm a big beer fan, and enjoy both Grand Rounds Brewing Company's advertising and beers. But, I certainly don't think it's offensive. And, even if I did, they company has a right to advertise it, regardless of what I think...)


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