Minnesota has some unique dishes to say the least. A new article suggests it's not Ludafisk, it's not a hot dish or spam, but instead this...

Do you agree? 


An article in Thrillist broke it down by state. He says the worst food in Minnesota is The Pickle Dog from the Minnesota State Fair. I love what he says about us: "The state only gets approximately three weeks of decent weather after its hellish winter. So when the tundra thaws out, these people want to go apesh**. And they do it at their notorious state fair, where the most aggressively disagreeable delicacy is probably the pickle dog."

I've never had said pickle dog. Have you? Is it the worst food in Minnesota?

Here are some other "bad foods" from other states near us:

Iowa: Loose Meat - "It looks like a Sloppy Joe that forgot to get dressed, or a burger that just gave up on life."

Wisconsin: Butter Burger

North Dakota: Lutefisk

South Dakota: Chislic -  "Dice-sized meat cubes (lamb, beef, wild game) seasoned and thrown into a deep fryer, then served to be eaten with toothpicks."

They eat deep-fried lamb testicles in Kentucky (YUCK).

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