My wife and I got together with some friends to watch the Packer game Sunday, and I pretty much had the most Minnesota meal possible.

The delicious Tater Tot Hot Dish from Wildwoods Sports Bar and Grill.
The delicious Tater Tot Hot Dish from Wildwoods Sports Bar and Grill.

Now even though I live here in Minnesota, you know my football allegiance is still with the NFL team that is from Green Bay. (I know, I know-- but when you're from Wisconsin, it's pretty much a given you HAVE to be a Packer fan.)

So as we watched the Packers get clobbered by the Falcons at Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill Sunday, when it came time to grab some food, I noticed the most Minnesota of entrees on the menu: the Tater Tot Hot Dish!

So, I had to order it. And I wasn't disappointed.Here's how their menu describes it: Ground beef and shredded pot roast topped with mushroom soup, cheddar jack cheese and crispy tots.

It was really good! Now, I've also enjoyed the Tater Tot Hot Dish at the Crooked Pint, as well. Their dish is similar to Wildwood's, but it is a little spicier. Theirs is made with jumbo tater tots, ground beef, onions, and rich gravy topped with habanero jack. 

Both are really good. And even though I was watching a Wisconsin sports team, you could definitely tell I was here in Minnesota! (The only thing missing was some lefse or lutefisk...)

Where's your favorite place to get some Tater Tot Hot Dish?

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