Is your 'smart TV' spying on you? Chances are it is. Vizio a smart TV manufacturer just settled a lawsuit with the FTC and consumers over illegally collecting data from its users. Not only did Vizio collect peoples viewing histories and information about their digital identities, but also Vizio sold that information to other companies without the consumers’ consent. Want to stop the possible data collection? Here are some easy steps. 

If you just bought your TV and haven't set it up yet, or for future TV's you setup, read each screen carefully and turn off or opt out of data collection, viewing data or similar wording.

If your TV is already set up, each has its own process to disable. Most of those processes start with going to "settings" then looking for "privacy" or "terms" and clicking off. Click here for Consumer Reports look at the issue and how to stop it on your TV.

You might be wondering what exactly your smart TV is collecting about you? The FTC says Vizio collected viewing patterns and information like household size, income, and education level, then turned around and sold it to third parties that would target advertising to consumers.

One way to describe that, creepy. But not as creepy as hearing Alexa start talking in the middle of the night...

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