Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Although all state highways in SE Minnesota are now open motorists are being reminded driving conditions are still poor in many areas.

The same goes for streets in Rochester. Many are still covered in snow and ice and remain slick. Drivers also face washboard roads and narrow streets in much of the city.

City Public Works crews have been busy since the weekend blizzard dealing with snow removal and it may be awhile before they can refocus their efforts on clearing streets. Expected cold weather also means chemicals won’t be as effective. And, Rochester may receive another 1-3 inches of snow Friday which means more work for snow plow operators and others.

downtown Rochester
downtown Rochester - Kim David, Townsquare Media
downtown Rochester - Kim David, Townsquare Media
downtown Rochester - Kim David, Townsquare Media



The Public Works Dept. says it has been using all its 43 snow plow operators to deal with the huge mess left behind by the blizzard. It hopes the downtown work will be completed by Thursday night.

In a press release, the department notes:

“The public needs to exercise extreme caution when proceeding at all intersections due to the height of snow piles and snow banks. This last snow event created significant snow banks that many have never experienced before but were necessary to open the roadways up.

Snow will be removed from bridges, cul-de-sacs, street corners, and other areas of concern in the upcoming weeks. These areas will be targeted as weather allows; our first priority will be the clearing of the roadways during weather events.

Residents are responsible for clearing the snow from in front of their mailbox. Postal carriers will not deliver to mailboxes they cannot access.
Residents, business owners, and property managers are asked to assist with the clearing of RPT and school bus stops that are on or near their property.”

Residents are also to keep fire hydrants clear of snow.

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