Have you ever had your home broken into in Minnesota or Wisconsin? I sincerely hope that if you're reading this, the answer is no.

However, crime is everywhere and sometimes it is not avoidable. You can have all of the gadgets and security cameras and burglars could still find a way to break in. It's just the world we live in!

Change Those Secret Spots

When it comes to protecting your home and valuables, you may think you are being safe by hiding your expensive and meaningful items. Think again.

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Reader's Digest just put out a list that really got me thinking. They revealed ten places that burglars might look if they break into your home! I had never thought of this before but I sure am now.

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While statistics vary, Bank Rate says the most common items stolen from homes include small items that can be easily taken, firearms, prescription drugs, electronics and jewelry.

A blurred police car in the background behind yellow crime scene tape.

This is something that you obviously never want to happen to you but if it does, you can be prepared by knowing which spots burglars check first in homes they break into. These spots are the not-so-obvious places you've never thought of before.

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You can check out these ten 'secret spots' below and then think twice next time you want to hide some valuables in any of those places.

10 Odd Spots Burglars Check First In Minnesota + Wisconsin Homes

Do you have some sneaky spots where you hide your valuables inside your home? Burglars likely know your tricks!

Gallery Credit: Lauren Wells

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