Have you ever had a celebrity encounter where you didn't realize they were a celebrity until after the fact? I had it happen once myself when I rode in an elevator with Jewel. A friend recently had the same thing happen with a big country music star.

My friend Matt works at Love's Travel Stop in Menomonie, Wisconsin. He often works the overnight shifts and it's a pretty busy truck stop. Often, they get tour buses that come through and fill up going to and from concerts. It's a popular place, about an hour out of the Twin Cities.

He was working when four tour buses pulled in together and filled up. A man walked to the counter with some snacks for the buses and then personally paid for the four tour buses' fuel, which as you can imagine was a pretty huge bill.

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Matt says he was a pretty nice guy, and he thought it was strange that one guy would be paying for all the fuel. They exchanged a few words, and then he left. The next guy came up to the register, and Matt mentioned something about how that guy bought all the fuel. "You know who that is, right? That's Darius Rucker!"

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Sure enough, it was. Darius Rucker played at Lakefront Music Festival on Saturday, July 15 in Prior Lake. He was likely on his way to that show when he made a pit stop in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Joe Nichols and Tyler Hubbard also performed at the fest.

Matt knew who Darius Rucker was, but as Matt explained to me, "People look like people if you don't know who they are."

It's true, and it turns out Darius Rucker looks like an everyday guy, even though he's been famous for years going all the way back to his Hootie and The Blowfish days.

Matt added that in all his time there, he has not seen a musician come off the tour bus and come into the truck stop.

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