Fishing can be a terrific experience for everyone, and nothing beats having fresh fish for dinner. Heck, who am I kidding, fish is great for lunch and even breakfast, as anyone who's had walleye benedict knows.

It seems everyone has a walleye recipe they're excited to make for family and friends. If you'd like to share yours, there is an opportunity currently in Minnesota to do just that and potentially put you on the culinary map.

Just think, your creation, or the family recipe passed down for generations could go viral and feed fish lovers everywhere.

Minnesota's Best Fish Recipes Are Wanted Now

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced it is inviting anglers to share their favorite Minnesota fish recipes now through the Wild Minnesota Recipe Exchange.

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The recipe exchanges allow for sharing the recipe in an online form where people can submit the recipe, a photo of the meal, and even a background story.

Cara Hanson, DNR marketing coordinator, notes that the recipe exchange is a great way to inspire and be inspired when it comes to delicious recipes for fish caught in Minnesota.

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Anyone with a recipe to share can do so now through Sunday, June 30. Click the button below to submit your recipe and have the chance to be featured on the DNR website and all social media platforms.

The DNR also reminds anglers that fishing season dates and regulations are always available on the Minnesota DNR fishing webpage.

You can also visit the Minnesota DNR Learn to Fish webpage to find out how and where to fish, learn about fishing equipment, read about ways to catch different kinds of fish, and a lot more.

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