Well, this is as random as it gets! A self-proclaimed psychic has made her predictions for the year ahead and one stuck out in the long list of them. Why? Because she calls out Minnesota by name!

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For some context, this psychic is named Nikki and she has been featured in many national publications and talk shows over the years. She makes hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of predictions for the new year touching on everything from death to supernatural topics to the Royal family.

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For 2024, she made just about 1,600 predictions, which is a lot! Her Minnesota prediction made the top 100, which means it must be one of the predictions she is standing by the most.

Bull moose running in the foggy floodplain

So what is this prediction? You wouldn't be able to guess it on your own because it really is one of the most random things ever. According to Psychic Nikki, a purple moose will be found in Minnesota. What?!

She doesn't go into great detail on any of her predictions so we have no idea where in Minnesota this purple moose could be spotted or when. We also don't have details on why the moose is purple. How random!

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I guess this is better than her predicting a major snowstorm that lasts a month or something like that! I have to say, this is one prediction I just don't see coming true in 2024. However, we live in a time when talking about aliens is normal so who am I to say?

I guess I will circle back on this one in 2025. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for some odd-colored animals!

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