Yesterday I finally got to go and see Oppenheimer. I was excited about seeing this blockbuster on the big screen. I love Christopher Nolan films, and I love World War II history, so this was going to be huge!

We went to Marcus Theaters in Duluth and got our tickets to a sold-out theater. We were in the dream lounger chairs. It was during the previews when I noticed the guy next to me didn't have shoes, socks, or sandals on.

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Obviously, he must have walked in with something and then decided to kick them off for the film. He periodically crossed his legs with his barefoot nearly touching me. Now, I'm not saying it was the end of the world but come, on. It's a little gross, right?

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Isn't that why most businesses have a no-shoes, no-shirt, no-service policy? I had to look it up. Here's all it says.

  • No profanity, disruptive behavior or vulgar attire
  • No smoking, vaping or e-cigarettes
  • No carry-in food and beverages
  • No children under the age of six are allowed into R-rated movies
  • No costumes or masks/face painting/make-up that cover an individual’s face
  • Avoid using cell phones/electronic devices in auditoriums
  • No recording devices may be used in auditoriums

So, I guess according to this it's probably ok to not have shoes or socks on? At least you can't get kicked out for it. But is it the right thing to do as far as etiquette?

If you're wondering if I liked the movie, the answer is a big YES. I will say you should see it in the theater, as you'll be too distracted at home (even without a stranger's bare feet next to you). The movie is such a slow burn you're not going to want to miss anything.

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