Odd and interesting homes are nothing new. There have been many for sale over the years, ranging from a LEGO-themed home in Kenosha to a dome house right here in Duluth. This house is definitely quirky but in the most beautiful and unique way.

I came across the listing for this home online after someone commented on how intrigued they were by something that had to do with the floor in one of the many rooms in this place. After looking through the listing, I realized this home was really cool and unlike any home I had ever seen before.

From the outside, this house looks really cute but the inside is incredible with gorgeous "quirks" like a spiral staircase on the second level, which is rare, and an open concept bedroom and bathroom. This house simply has things that are out of the box.

The entire home is unique and that's why it will set you back about three-million bucks. It is located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, which means you also get some views of the lake and ability to walk to the downtown area.

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By the way, the house also has six bedrooms and six bathrooms and is over six-thousand square feet. It was built in 2022 which means it is also a new build. The exact address is 930 Geneva Street and while it looks sweet on the outside, it is the inside that is truly a trip in the best way. I put together a gallery of the coolest parts of the home. Check it out below:

$2.95 Million Dollar Home In Wisconsin Has Creepy Quirk + Spiral Staircases

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