This is a no from me. A Minnesotan got a scaly surprise when he walked into his bathroom earlier this month. That surprise? A giant anaconda. I would have freaked out and I don't think I am the only one!

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I follow an account on X called @CrimeWatchMpls. The account ranges from scary to funny at times, reporting different happenings in and around the metro. The account also details the time and location of the crimes, some of which are just downright weird.

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I was scrolling on the social media account today when I saw one that made me spit out my water! It may have been the photo of the snake that got me, or the fact that one unlucky Minnesotan walked into the bathroom and got bit by an anaconda.

Yeah, I can certainly say that was not on my bingo card. This happened in mid-January, so hopefully the person who phoned this in has bounced back. Yikes! No other details were given, including why there was an anaconda in the bathtub in the first place.

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I  will stay on the beat to see if anything else comes from this. I have so many questions and not enough answers. Ha! You know what else wasn't on my bingo card? A purple moose! A famous psychic says one will be discovered in Minnesota at some point in 2024. Here's to hoping.

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