A bill being proposed in Minnesota could have a significant impact on businesses, homeowners, and professions affected.

Bill SF 3554 Is What Is Being Proposed In Minnesota

According to the Washington Examiner and other sources, if passed, Bill SF 3554 would require all painting to be done by or under the supervision of a licensed painter. It would also impose new regulations on who can legally buy larger amounts of paint.

The bill applies to anyone “engaged in paint contract labor who, through negotiations or competitive bidding, enter into contracts to furnish paint and painting services.”

Who Would Bill SF 3554 Impact?

The new laws wouldn't just impact professional artists hired to paint something like a mural, but it would include the self-employed who make extra money painting on rooms, decks, homes, etc.

If the bill is passed, a paint contractor board will be created to oversee the licensing of painters in Minnesota, requiring all painters to either get licensed or work as a journeyworker under a licensed contractor.


Furthermore, the legislation also restricts the mere sale of paint, except in small increments, to licensed individuals. This would be enforced by all places where paint is purchased, including stores like Menards and Home Depot.

How Would The Proposed Bill Impact Minnesota

It's certainly a far cry from how things are set now, where those hired to paint must simply have the ability and the tools to get the job done, but they don't have to go through a formal licensing process to do the job the homeowners hire them to do.

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Also, homeowners, couldn't simply go and buy as much paint as they needed for a job, larger paint purchases would need to be made by licensed painters on behalf of the homeowner.


Why Some People Against Bill SF 3554?

Critics of the bill add that it would also hurt small contractors and remodelers as they'd be required to find a licensed painter for jobs they're likely capable of doing themselves.

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They add that occupational licensing can protect the public’s health and safety when properly administered in other cases, such as when hiring an electrician. However, a bad paint job puts nobody at risk, it can simply be redone by someone else so the licensing process is unnecessary.

Who Is Proposing The Bill?

Bill SF 3554 is being sponsored by three Democratic-Farmer-Labor senators: Jennifer McEwen, Judy Seeberger, and John Hoffman. The Washington Examiner reports that all three were backed in their elections by the Painters and Allied Trades Council, the union that stands to benefit from the bill.

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They note that 23 states currently do not license painters. States that have rejected licensing include Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Kansas have rejected licensing.

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