I guess we are really living up to our reputation! A recent study, put out just this month, has named Minnesota among the top ten most charitable states in the entire country. We do have that whole 'Minnesota nice' thing going for us and it is nice to see that it is actually true!

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The study was done by a sports betting website in Massachusetts. The site conducted the website as a way to break away from sports betting talk and do something positive. We can't fault them for that!

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So how did they come to the conclusion? They looked at things like charitable contributions, charity organizations and online searches related to all things charity by state. It looks like Minnesota scored pretty highly in all of those categories because we were ranked in the top ten.

Not only are we in the top ten but we were named the seventh most charitable state in the country! Like I said, it is nice to know that 'Minnesota nice' is a real thing and not just a stereotype, right?

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Other factors that were considered? Things like how many people work in the charity sector, how often and how many people volunteer, how often we search for things like 'food banks' and 'volunteering' and the like. They also looked at monetary donations and how much each state collectively gives back on average.

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From there, they looked at their scores for all these factors and gave each state a weighted number out of one-hundred. Minnesota's number came in just over eighty, which isn't too shabby!

Where Did Wisconsin Rank?

Wisconsin made it into the top twenty, coming in at number nineteen. Wisconsin's weighted score is just about sixty-two, which also isn't too shabby. Love to see it!

Which States Were The Most + Least Charitable?

Vermont and Maine were the top most charitable states followed by Massachusetts, New York and Texas. Arkansas, Wyoming and Mississippi were named the least charitable. Yikes.

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