It seems like scammers are really getting creative these days. A popular Minnesota attraction, and big tourist attraction, just took to social media to warn their loyal following about a scam hitting them hard right now.

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The Minnesota Zoo took to Facebook just a few days ago to warn their followers that they are the target of a new ticket scam. According to their post, there is a fake advertisement circulating the internet offering tickets at a discount.

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The fake website shown in their post is, which is not a real website. The ad states that the Minnesota Zoo is celebrating 45 years in business an they are offering tickets for just seven bucks.

The fake ads look pretty legit, with a pretty picture of a tiger at the top, followed by their logo and the option to buy tickets at a very discounted price. Sadly, this is a scam and the promotion is not real. They make it seem legitimate by saying that these discounted tickets are only available to the first 200 people, creating a sense of urgency.

There are a few things that seem off with the fake ad, but not until you look really closely! For example, they state a regular ticket to the zoo costs $87 bucks. Not only that, but they also seem to be missing a zero at the end of this fake ad.

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Minnesota Zoo officials are urging locals to report any fake ads like this that you may see related to the attraction. They also state that if you see a promotion or something like this, you can always contact them and find out if it is real before you get scammed.

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