We are doing something right here in Minnesota! According to a new study, Minnesotans are great at balancing work and life balance. It can be hard at times, especially if you have a demanding job or a family to raise.

What Makes A Good Work / Life Balance?

The study was done by Plus Docs, and looked at Bureau of Labor Statistics data to see how each state ranked in the following areas:

  • Average weekly hours worked
  • Average weekly earnings

From there, all states were given a score out of 100. These scores then reflected how good or bad each state was at balancing the whole work and life balance thing.

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How Did Minnesota Do?

Minnesota did great, coming in at number six on the list. That means we have a good track record for being able to balance work and life and all the things that both of those things bring.

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According to this study, Minnesotans work less than forty hours a week but have a pretty good hourly wage of about $35 bucks an hour. Are some Minnesotans napping on the job? Ha!

What About Wisconsin?

Yikes! Wisconsin came in near the bottom half of the list at number 29. According to this study, the average Wisconsin resident only works about twenty hours a week. They also make about $30 bucks an hour.

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As for the best state at work and life balance? That would be Massachusetts. As for the worst, that would be Mississippi, along with New Mexico and Arkansas. It looks like they have to work on having a life outside work or vice versa.

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