Recently, the Wisconsin Beef Council held its first-ever Wisconsin's Best Burger Contest to determine where the best burger could be found in the entire state. That sounds like a deliciously challenging task, with so many places making amazing burgers.

However, they were on a burger quest, which led to them narrowing down their list to an Elite 8. It was then time to visit each of the Elite 8 to determine where Wisconsin's Best Burger could be found.

Doesn't that sound like a fun job?

2024 Wisconsin's Best Burger Contest Elite 8

Before we unveil the winner, look at all the amazing burgers they got to try by paying a visit to each of the Elite 8.

Their first visit was to the Brazen Head Pub in West Bend, a favorite burger location for 21 years.

The Crafty Cow in Milwaukee, which has a terrific variety of burgers on the menu, was the next stop.

Then it was on to Mount Horeb to indulge at The Dog House Bar & Grill.

Next, a stop to the heart of Lake Wisconsin at the Ferry Xing Bar & Grill in Merrimac.

The fifth stop on their tour of the Elite 8 was to Skippy's Burger Bar in Thiensville, Wisconsin.

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They didn't go straight home after that, they instead paid a visit to the Straight Home Bar & Grill in Eland. How awesome does that look?!

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Number 7 on the list was The Dump Bar & Grill in Cambria, known for amazing cooked-to-order burgers.

Last, but certainly, not least, on the tour of the Elite 8 was a trip to Hazelhurst to devour a burger at Pickles Bar & Grill. Their burgers are a special blend of brisket, short rib, ground chuck, and seasonings.

And The Winner Is...

After visiting all of the Elite 8, the Wisconsin Beef Council had the tough task of picking a winner of Wisconsin's Best Burger Contest. On Wednesday, May 1, they made the big announcement.

Congratulations to Pickles Bar and Grill, located at 5507 County Road Y in Hazelhurst. Hazelhurst is located in Wisconsin's Oneida County and it describes itself as the "Quiet side of the Northwoods."

They came out on top of the 2024 Best Burger Contest with their All-American Burger, a half-pound burger with lettuce, tomato, raw onion, smoked garlic mayo, and a choice of cheese.

“We are honored to have our All American Burger named as the winner of the Wisconsin Beef Council’s 2024 Best Burger Contest,” said Justin Koshak, who co-owns Pickles with Dan Linscott.

If you'd like to visit Pickles Bar & Grill, and all the great places that made the Elite 8, you can click the button above to get a printable map and start planning a mouth-watering road trip!

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