I recently turned a milestone age and while not expecting gifts, was gifted a whole lot of bourbon and whiskey.

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While not expected, it was highly appreciated as I really enjoy sampling various brown liquor options.

One of the bottles I received was a Bodalen Bourbon Whiskey.  I hadn't heard of this one before and was anxious to dive into the bottle.  I figured a sunny Sunday while smoking ribeye steaks and smoking a cigar was a good time.

As usual, I tried it neat at first and it went down well.  While not distilled for all that long, you could have fooled me.  The initial nose had hints of butterscotch and fruit but also a sharpness, and I thought it would burn a little more going down, but it didn't.  With my initial taste I for sure got the taste of rye, and a well put together world of flavors.

Bodalen Bourbon- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Bodalen Bourbon- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

On the rocks, it mellowed out nicely and almost too much.  The sweetness really popped on the rocks even just for a minute of hanging together, which isn't a bad thing, just not what I expected.  It has almost no whiskey burn and would probably pair well with a sweet cigar.

Composed of 60% Heirloom Corn, 30% AC Hazlet Rye, and 10% Malt Barley, this Minnesota bourbon whiskey is nice all around.  Far North Spirits put this together in Hallock, Minnesota and a bottle will run you around $50.  It's worth the price of admission for the person just getting into bourbon and the seasoned drinker who wants something from the region.  It also makes a hell of a nice birthday gift for the bourbon drinker in your life.

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