Imagine you are a grandmother, already having a tumultuous day, and then you're hit with a $105 speed-cam ticket for going over the speed limit.

The only issue with this is that the grandmother got a speeding ticket while her car was being towed.

Joann Gibson of Cleveland said she was stunned when she was received a $105 speeding ticket from the City of East Cleveland in the mail, even though the ticket's picture clearly shows her van being towed when the alleged violation took place.

Tow Truck
City of East Cleveland

Gibson was on the way to her daycare center when her minivan gave out. She called a tow truck to have it towed in for service.

She then got a ride to the daycare center. It was not until a few weeks later that the notice of a $105 fine came to her home.

Gibson explained to News 5 Cleveland, "What are they doing? I’m at the center getting this ticket and my car is on a flat bed, I’m not driving that truck."

As you can imagine, fighting any ticket with any city, especially as a grandmother, can be a daunting task. Gibson decided to face it head-on, though.

She explained what happened when she showed up in person to discuss the erroneous speeding ticket.

"Went into the police station, pushing buttons, ringing the bell to find some help, I don’t want anything on my driver's license."

The grandmother continued, "So far I have a good record, and I’m going to try and keep it that way."

But her statement fell on seemingly deaf ears, as at the police station, she was told she would need to contact the third-party company that handles their speed-cam tickets.

Gibson wants other drivers to be aware of these speed cameras and how they try to manipulate you into paying money.

"I'm kind of angry about it, when I get kind of angry I want to find out what’s really going on, and I think other people should come forward and don’t pay them."

Gibson is still in limbo with the city of East Cleveland, with no word on whether she will be responsible for the fine or not.

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