Luke Bryan's son Bo reached a major milestone in life this week: The 15-year-old passed the test to get his driver's permit and will be hitting the road.

Bryan's wife, Caroline, shared the big news in a video from the car on Thursday (May 4). In the clip, Bo looks ready and excited to be on road, while Caroline, on the other hand, seems a bit more hesitant.

"Bo just passed his driver's permit test," she says, as Bo's little brother Tate cheers from the backseat. "I'm terrified."

Bo is behind the wheel, looking relaxed as Caroline asks if he's excited. He says he is, but he asks one simple request of his mom.

"Just don't be screaming while I drive, please," he pleads.

"I make no promises," she responds.

Caroline also issued a bit of a warning to other drivers in the caption of the video: "Bo Bryan just got his driver’s permit. Some of y’all might want to take the bus for a while! Here we go!!" she writes.

This day is one the whole family has been waiting for since their eldest son turned 15 on March 18. Caroline posted a series of photos to celebrate his birthday and shared that she "might need to be medicated" when she taught him how to drive.

Bryan marked the bittersweet passage of time on Bo's 14th birthday in 2022. The singer asked for time to "please slow down" on the special day.

Once Luke and Caroline get through the driving phase with Bo, 12-year-old Tate will surely be right behind him.

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