Morgan Wallen and Hardy have always been close friends as well as musical collaborators — in fact, Wallen was there for his friend and fellow artist during one of Hardy's scariest moments.

In October 2022, the "Sold Out" singer was involved in a serious bus crash while en route back to Nashville after a show, and Wallen was among the first to sound the alarm about the incident.

That's because Wallen and Hardy were FaceTiming when the accident happened, Hardy's mom, Sarah Hardy, reveals in a new episode of the Got It From My Momma podcast, which is hosted by Conner Smith's mother, Jennifer Vickery Smith.

"They had been on a tour, they played a show in Bristol together," Sarah explains. That show — Country Thunder at Bristol Motor Speedway, which Wallen headlined — was one of several stops the two artists and friends played together that year, as Hardy was a supporting act on Wallen's 2022 Dangerous Tour.

"And Morgan was actually FaceTiming with Michael. Morgan from his bus, Michael in his bus. They were joking around and FaceTiming, when the accident happened," Sarah continues.

"And Morgan knew something had happened, but he wasn't sure what ... it just went black. The phone just kinda flew across the room and went black. So Morgan didn't know. He really thought for a minute that they were just playing a joke on him."

Wallen approached his bus driver, who then tried to get in contact with the other bus, and they began to realize something was seriously wrong.

"There were some very, very serious injuries," Sarah explains.

Soon after the crash, Hardy updated fans with a selfie featuring him and his then-fiancée (now wife) Caleigh, writing, "I'm alive and that's all that matters." Hardy and Caleigh both requested prayers for Hardy's bus driver, Ricky, who remained hospitalized longer than the other bus passengers.

Hardy — who suffered a severe gash to his head, as well as "some cracked vertebrae," according to his mom — was released from the hospital just hours after the crash, and Wallen was on hand to help with that, too.

"Morgan actually brought Michael home from the hospital," Sarah relates.

Wallen and Hardy will continue to travel together in 2023: Hardy is one of the opening acts set for Wallen's upcoming One Night at a Time Tour, a trek that kicks off in New Zealand in mid-March.

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