The date, the dress, the Whopper.

Burger King is hoping people will come to their restaurants as part of homecoming this year.

What's In Burger King's Homecoming Meal?

"To celebrate the start of the school year and homecoming season, Burger King is helping guests create new traditions and lasting memories with the first-ever BK Homecoming Meal," the company announced this week.

The meal includes a pair of Whopper Jr. sandwiches, two milkshakes, onion rings and fries for $10. For those looking to take the throne as homecoming royalty, Burger King says they'll also throw in a couple paper crowns for you and your date.

Those who get the meal in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Oklahoma City will have a chance to get limited edition Burger King crowns that feature a "bejeweled design."

High School Students Have Gotten Crafty With Burger King Crowns

In the press release announcing the Homecoming Meal, a rep from Burger King noted that high schoolers have found ways to incorporate the restaurants crowns into their HoCO celebrations in the past.

A quick check of TikTok revealed there's some truth in that statement. You don't have to do a deep search to find tutorials on how to turn the crowns into flashy homecoming headwear.

Some seniors have been using the Burger King freebies as a base to make "senior crowns" to wear to school.

Burger King's BK Homecoming Meal is only available for a limited time. Locations offering the meal can be found here.

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