A woman on Reddit is shared that her boyfriend wants her to start a fake business to impress his parents and show their status.

"My boyfriend (33M) and I (29F) have been dating for a year, and it's been amazing. Despite living in different countries, we see each other all the time because we can't stay apart. We're seriously considering marriage. He's met my family, and now wants me to meet his. He is very close with them, which I love. But he is afraid they may reject me bc of my lifestyle," the woman begins her post with.

"I come from wealth and have never had a job. Most of my days are spent traveling, dining and hanging with friends. But in his family achievement and work ethic are everything. They are doctors and academics. My bf is an artist, and they respect that. They don't care what you do as long as you work hard at it and try to contribute something to the world," the woman continued.

That's when her boyfriend came up with the idea that she should start her own fake business as a supplement company to impress his parents.

"So he proposed that, in order for me to get over with them, I should tell them I run a supplement company (since he knows that's one of my interests). He says I don't need to actually start it, just make a website or something. That way, I can get over with his family instead of them instantly thinking I'm some spoiled rich girl," she said.

The woman said that she would not be doing this and that her boyfriend should take her as she is.

"I told him absolutely not. They take me as I am or not at all. He says we're setting ourselves up for failure unnecessarily if we don't, and he doesn't want them to miss out on how amazing I am over something so trivial as a lifestyle difference," she concluded before asking if she was wrong for standing her ground.

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People in the comments shared their thoughts about the situation.

"Be proud of who you are. If they can't handle you, thier problem," one Reddit user commented.

"No reason to lie. But instead, why not find something worthwhile to do, so you’ll not have to?" another person suggested.

"You STOOD ON BUSINESS. Respect," someone else said.

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