A 40-year-old woman on Reddit says she got into an argument with her 18-year-old son after he found out about her OnlyFans account. 

"Me and my son [have] been always close since he is my only kid, and his father could not be bothered to care about him. So I have been a single mom for years. He is a senior in high school, and unfortunately he learned my secret from his friends," she began.

The woman has had an OnlyFans account for two years and has made upward of $200,000 on the platform.

"[It] maybe sounds strange but there is plenty of money coming from there. In two years, I got 20,000 subscribers and made around $200,000. Many guys are crazy for a 'MILF' like me, so my content is pretty popular and liked," she continued.

However, issues arose when some of her son's friends at school found her account and began teasing the boy about his mom's NSFW content.

"The problem is it looks like I became famous enough to get discovered by some of my son's friends in high school. Two days ago he came [home] from school in anger and tears, saying everyone is making fun of him saying they're m---urbating to me everyday," she explained.

"We argued and I also cried, but I cannot simply end my OnlyFans career and leave the relaxed life in which I make money just by sexual content of myself," the woman added.

She concluded by revealing her son is not currently talking to her and that she's "planning on changing his school."

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Reactions in the comments section of her post were mixed.

"I feel sorry for your son. Money is more important to you than how your son feels? OnlyFans won't pay the bills for ever. Why sell your body online especially at the expense of your son's reputation and yours?" one person wrote.

"It's not respectable even though its normalized. There's a reason why everyone looks down at it," another commented.

"While I'm totally against OnlyFans, I can't blame you for making money there," someone else shared.

"You did this to your son, not the other students. And once you change schools, it's going to happen to him again, and it will be your fault again," another user weighed in.

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