Tiffany is still proud of her Playboy shoot.

The 52-year-old singer was still best known for her 1987 hit "I Think We're Alone Now" when she was asked to pose naked for the magazine in 2002 and explained that stripping off was a way to change public perception of her.

She told Fox News Digital: "I love it still. I thought it was a great thing I did. People were like, ‘She’s a one-hit wonder. She’s that little mall girl.’ And that completely blew their perception of who I was. It was an honor [Playboy] asked me [to pose] and I was very happy with the shoot. They made me feel amazing on set. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but I showed up that day and there was nothing awkward about it… I saw the photos and they looked beautiful."


The "Could've Been" hit-maker went on to recall that she put herself through a drastic diet especially for the shoot and found that her male fan base increased considerably after the cover was printed.

She added: "I definitely dieted a lot for that [shoot]. I was in really good shape. So I will always look at that experience fondly.

"And I think it changed my audience for sure…. I’ve always had a female fan base, but my male fan base grew so much after Playboy… And they stayed. They could have just followed me because of Playboy. But I converted them to actual music fans."

Meanwhile, Tiffany, who is a native of Los Angeles, relocated to a small town just outside of Nashville almost two decades ago and explained that even though her career has taken her all over the world, the south will always be "home" to her.

She said: "I came to Nashville for the first time when I was 10. I’ve been coming back ever since. I love being out in the country – I’m a country girl at heart. I’ve toured all over the world and this place has always been home for me. There’s just something about coming home to my little ranch… I’ve never looked back.

"Big cities are everywhere, but it’s that slow pace of life that I’ve been wanting for a long time.

"Home is about six and a half acres of just greenery and trees on a private road. That suits me. I work really hard when I’m on the road, but when I come back, I love to plant flowers, read books and just regroup… There are times when I go to LA and say, ‘I love the beach, I miss this.’ But give it three or four hours of traffic and that’s over."

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