A man landed in hot water with his sister after he bought his niece a stuffed animal toy that was meant for dogs.

"So my niece had this lamb toy that she loved. I should also mention that she is really rough on toys, and long story short the poor little fluffball has gone to stuffed animal heaven. Well my niece was heartbroken and my sister was telling me how down she had been, so I thought I would get her another one," the concerned uncle wrote on Reddit.

When he was looking at "stuffed lambs" for his niece, he noticed that they were as "just as fragile" as the one she originally had, so he came up with a "brilliant idea."

He saw a lambchop toy for dogs, and so he just bought that one.

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"I gave my niece the toy and she loved it. She really liked the squeaker, too. So Saturday rolls around, niece is having a blast with Lammy 2.0, and my sister and BIL walk in the door. Of course my niece runs up to her parents and shows them her new toy. They ooh and aah over it until my niece squeezes the squeaker… and my sister completely loses her crap. Screams, 'You bought my baby a dog toy.' BIL just looks at me and tells me I should probably head home," the man continued.

His sister sent him a slew of text messages with some "choice expletives," and was offended that he bought her daughter a dog toy.

"Our mom asked me what the hell was I thinking. Our Stepfather and Stepbrother thought it was funny as hell. BIL is quietly amused, but is keeping his head down," he recalled.

Her sister originally took away the toy, until his niece had a meltdown and she was forced to give her back, enraging her even more.

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Users sounded off in the comments, with many backing the man up.

"It's not like it will do her any harm. It might drive the parents crazy with the squeaking. It's definitely a thinking outside the box solution to please a rough-play toddler. This is more funny than outrageous, and will probably make for an excellent family gathering story in future. Your sister needs a better sense of humor," one person wrote.

"Toddlers and dogs behave in very similar ways. I have considered doing this too for the kids in my life," another user commented.

"As a parent some of those toys are the same, just branded differently. I have also accidentally bought my child a toy only to later realize it was a dog toy. My grandmother has gifted my children gifts only for me to realize they were dog or cat toys from a dollar store," a third person chimed in.

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