A woman on Reddit refused to deplane when her husband was kicked off their international flight because he was "too drunk" to fly.

"My parents are divorced, and around the time I started dating Adam, my dad moved back to our home country. I regularly call him, but since he moved he has come to see me twice and then was at my wedding," she began.

"My dad disapproves of Adam and I have had fights with Adam in the past about how I feel I have made more of an effort with his family, and he hasn’t done the same for me. Both my parents speak our home language and when we started dating Adam wasn’t conversationally fluent so there was a barrier to them initially bonding, and it was more apparent when my dad came to stay with us," the woman explained.

"I have been planing a trip to my home country to surprise my dad and asked Adam to come as well. He agreed and then balked when I said we were going to stay with my dad and made what I thought was a joke about having to drink before meeting him. I didn’t find it funny and Adam later apologized," she continued.

However, when it was time for their flight, Adam arrived so intoxicated that the flight attendant wouldn't allow him on the plane.

The woman decided to stay on the plane as her "home country is far so tickets are expensive, and I took leave off from work for the trip."

Now, her husband is upset with her and claims she left him "in a situation where he was drunk and if roles were reversed he would have never left me alone when I was drunk."

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Users in the comments slammed the woman's husband for his behavior and backed her up for staying on the plane.

"This man deliberately tried to ruin your time with your father because your father doesn’t think highly of him. Let me guess, your father picked up on Adam being immature, spiteful, selfish, and poor mannered. You need to ask yourself what someone who would do this to spite you brings to the table and why you stay with him," one person wrote.

"Dude made a conscious decision to get drunk. I'm sure if he were to suddenly become so ill that he couldn't fly you would have stayed with him. But this isn't something that just happened to him or something you did to him. He made a decision to do this to himself and had no one else to blame," another commented.

"Adam is a grown adult, who made a poor decision. Adam has to deal with the consequences, and if that means leaving him behind, so be it. Maybe next time when you and Adam plan a flight together, he will show up sober and you can enjoy your trip together," someone else weighed in.

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