It's not often that you'll see an albino deer, but a new video shows something even better - 2 albino deer as they were having a 'loving moment' in a Wisconsin field.

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When I say 'loving moment', no it's not that one. This is a family-friendly deer moment involving two genuine albino whitetail deer somewhere in Wisconsin. The exact location isn't given which is probably for the best since people would likely flock there and cause the deer troubles. Here's what the video sharer said in the description on YouTube:

"Albino Whitetail Deer are absolutely amazingly beautiful, even known to be somewhat mystical and appear ghostly at times as their beautiful white fur almost glows in the distance....These twin Albinos buck and doe were born to a brown Whitetail Doe which I have been following closely and photographing these very rare Albino Twins and momma since August 2022 as fawns and now yearlings. **Albino deer are protected and illegal to harvest in the state of Wisconsin**"

That's quite a backstory and this is quite a neat video of a rare nature creatures.

How rare are albino deer?

A-Z Animals says that you'll only find 1 albino deer out of every 20,000 you come across, so that's very rare. The fact that these two deer were apparently in love makes it all the sweeter.

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