When you're eating breakfast, some people tend to lean towards something healthy like fruit or yogurt. Other times you could be craving something sweet to start your day...especially donuts.

No matter if you enjoy one for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it can be tough to resist a delectable donut. But where can you find the best donuts in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota?

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A recent article from Cision PR Newswire uncovers the Underground Donut Tour, otherwise known as America's Donut Tour. The Underground Donut Tour just completed its search for "America's Greatest Donuts." According to the article, the "America's Greatest Donuts Contest had nearly 500 shops nominated, over 200 were put up to vote and over 22,000 votes were cast." So is "America's Greatest Donut" located in South Dakota, Iowa, or Minnesota? Well...the simple answer is no. However, a Midwestern donut was voted as "America's Greatest Donut."

The votes claim that the most popular donut is called the Cinnamon Caramel Donut from Rise­­'n Roll Bakery in Indiana.

It's a little bit of a bummer that a South Dakota, Iowa, or Minnesota donut did not win the top spot. But we do know where the best donuts are in South Dakota!

Whether you live in the East River or West River area, great doughnut shops can be found across the state. Best Things South Dakota recently created a list of the top ten doughnut shops in South Dakota.

Best South Dakota Donuts

Have a donut, you deserve it!

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