I was today years old when I learned that the bar I had my first date with my wife, was actually featured in a pretty famous and funny movie. The movie was Grumpier Old Men, and the bar it was filmed at is Mayslacks.

According to HauntedBlogging.blogspot "Mayslack's Bar, located at 1428 4th Street NE in Minneapolis, was used for the interior shot of Slippery's Tavern when Maria walked into the bar to persuade the boys to leave her restaurant alone."

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The above scene was filmed inside the quaint Minneapolis bar, and I'll be honest if you walked in today, it probably will look just about the same inside.

Mayslack's has a fun history behind it, that involves professional wrestling and a woman with the nickname 'Butch'.

"The history of Mayslack’s begins with Nordeast native Stashu Maslajek. Born to Polish immigrants in NE Minneapolis in 1911, Stashu – or “Stan” – developed a love of pro wrestling and moved to Chicago to make his mark. “Handsome Stan,” as he was known, was a crowd favorite in the Upper Midwest pro wrestling circles in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s. Along the way he American-ized the spelling of his Polish surname to Mayslack so it was easily pronounceable for wrestling fans. When his ring career ended in the 1940’s, Stan Mayslack continued for a time as a wrestling and boxing promoter.

Minnesota tugged at his heartstrings, however, and in 1955 Stan and his wife Ann (who everyone called “Butch”) purchased an old tavern called Johnson’s in his beloved Nordeast neighborhood. Renaming it “Mayslack’s”, Stan began pouring drinks, hiring polka bands and serving his now-famous garlic roast-beef sandwiches."

So if you are heading up to NE Minneapolis soon, you might want to put this place on your list to check out, not only for the film history but also for the world-famous roast beef sandwich.

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