Even with the rain we have gotten so far this month, it wasn't enough for a Twin Cities pond to keep hiding its 20+ year secret. A car was recently found and pulled from a Burnsville pond after someone spotted it, due to the low water level.

The Dakota County Sheriff's Office shared the news of the discovery and recovery of the vehicle yesterday on its social media pages.

Great job by our dive team who removed a vehicle from a pond at Neil Park in Burnsville last week. The reporting party was flying his drone over the pond and spotted the vehicle. The vehicle became more visible due to the lower water levels

It's a 1983 BMW and is believed to have been in the pond for 20+ years.
Image Credit: Dakota County Sheriffs Office
Image Credit: Dakota County Sheriff's Office

It's not clear why the car was in the pond, at least initially from what the Sheriff's Office has said.

The car, to me, looks like a BMW E21 which according to the vehicle's Wikipedia page "is the first generation of the BMW 3 Series sporty compact executive cars, which were produced from June 1975 to December 1983"

A new BMW in 1983 cost on average $16,500, which translates to $51,741.75 in today's currency.

I hope we hear more about this car, like was it reported stolen, was there anything inside the car when it was pulled out, etc. Will the owner's insurance company look into the 'found' vehicle?

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I'm sure the story behind the car in the pond is pretty dull and straightforward, but it's fun to let your imagination run wild, even for a second.

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