Every year when Halloween would roll around I would get a little anxiety.  I'm simply no good at the whole dressing up thing.  I would always ask my Mom and friends for ideas.  My Mom probably loved it because I'd wear anything she'd come up with.  Who are we kidding anyway? I just wanted to hang out with friends and get free candy.

Halloween is here
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But this boy from Duluth clearly embraces every part about Halloween. This might be the best Halloween costume I've ever seen and it's not necessarily the costume itself.  It's really about the boys ability to act.

He went viral on Tik Tok after his Mom posted a video of him in his new Halloween costume.  I'll tell you this much, if he keeps this up through the years there is no doubt in my mind that he'll win every costume contest in college.

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Sadie Christgau shared this video of her 6-year-old son, Tripp, on Tik Tok in an alien abduction costume.  But it's Tripp's perfect acting that makes the costume.  At first, I thought there were two people involved. But after watching again I realized he was just really good at making it look that way.

@saddiegau #aliens #abduction #halloween ♬ original sound - Sadiegau

There were so many views and comments like this one from user VintageOlive: 

Ok. I know it’s not real. YET each time I watch it I’m like why isn’t anybody helping him??? Get this kid a role stat!

So Tripp's Mom then posted a fun follow-up video of Tripp reading some of the reactions as well.

@saddiegau Replying to @sonyablade_07 ♬ original sound - Sadiegau

Good job Tripp.  I wonder if he'd help me come up with a Halloween costume this year?

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